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Saving money is on everyone’s mind, and rightfully so. One of the easiest ways to save money when shopping is by using your phone. There are many apps offered in the App Store and Google Play Store that are amazing at saving you money through discounts, coupons and even money back. All you have to do is download the app and create an account and your on your ways to savings. Check out the apps below: Cartwheel: This is Target’s app. It features deals that are based on items you’ve purchased before or are likely to purchase in the future (based on shopping patterns it learns from using the app). But the best part about this app is the scan feature. While shopping scan all of your items that you put in your shopping cart to find additional offers, saving you even more money. Savings Catcher: This is Wal-Mart’s app. With the Savings Catcher app you scan your Wal-Mart receipts and it then scans for competitor’s prices on items that you purchased. You will receive money back for any item that was priced lower at a competitor’s store. You can turn this money into a gift card at any time and redeem it at your local Wal-Mart. Shopular: Shopular is a very popular shopping app. It has coupons, deals, and sales for almost every store imaginable. They include Express, Famous Footwear, Michaels, Old Navy, Target, Kohl’s, factory stores, and so many more. The best part about this app is that stores actually accept the coupons. Groupon: Groupon is very popular. It offers deals on restaurants, goods, hotels, vacation packages, activities, and much more. Beyond the offers that are offered, Groupon also runs specials where you can receive an additional amount off the already discounted amount. These are perfect times to purchase the Groupon you’ve been holding out on. Now get to downloading and happy saving!

We live in the 21st century and the age of technology, this we know. But, what some sellers still do not realize is the importance of properly staged and well taken photos. The photos that you place online with your home’s listing can make or break a buyer’s interest. If you do not feel confident in your own ability to take the photos then you may want to consider hiring a photographer. However, if you feel capable of taking the photos that will be a buyer’s first look, then review the pointers below.

1. Proper lighting: Proper lighting when taking photos is essential. The lighting can completely alter the look of a home; a poorly lit room can look older and smaller than it actually is. To avoid this, try taking photos during the daytime when there is plenty of natural light, but when the sun is not beating into the room as it can cause shadows. The natural light is an ideal situation, as different lightbulbs give off different levels and color of light.

2. Avoid blurry photos: Posting out of focus photos to your listing is asking for a buyer to overlook your home. They are not only uncomplimentary but detrimental to a buyer’s interest. Make sure to keep the camera or phone (only high-end phones) steady and have proper lighting when taking the photos. It would be best to utilize a tripod or a stabilizer, if you have access to one.

3. Choose your angles wisely: All too often photos are shot up close on a feature in the room. This does not give the buyer an accurate depiction of what the room truly looks like. It’s hard to tell its size and its shape. Try standing in a doorway or inside of a closet, so you are able to photograph most of the room. But, be sure not to use a wide-angle camera lens, as it can distort the room and give buyers a false pretense of its size.

4. Remove clutter: Taking photos of your home for your online listing while there is clutter all over is not the best way to showcase your home. It will make your rooms look smaller and be harder for one to visualize his/her belongings in that space.

5. Remove personal items: When selling your home, you want buyers to be able to envision themselves living there. It’s important to remove overly personal items for open houses and it’s also important to do so when taking photographs of your home.

These are just a couple pointers for taking photos that peak buyers’ interests in your home. If you are very inexperienced in photography,be sure to do additional research, so you are taking the best photos possible.And again, if you’re unsure of your ability, it might be best to leave it to the professional—as a first impression is everything.

Celebrities,senior level business leaders and wealthy inventors aren’t the only people who should enjoy the benefits inherent in an amazing walk in closet. You deserve to have easy access to a closet that offers you enough room to hang and store a majority of your clothes, shoes and fashion accessories.

Stop dreaming and get the great walk in closet that you deserve

Although you could pay to have a great walk in closet built at your home, this may not be the best way to get a durable, multi-purpose walk in closet. If you want an awesome walk in closet, look for this feature in each house that you check out during the home buying process. Here are just a few advantages and pluses to look for in a great walk in closet:

  • Lots of shelving – Overhead and lower shelving provide ample storage space
  • A bench to place items on while you’re picking out clothes or shoes to wear for the day
  • Great lighting – You need to be able to see well while searching for things to wear. Poor lighting could cause you to think that a blue suit is black or that a pair of red shoes are dark purple.
  • Awesome floor design – It doesn’t matter if the floor is hard wood, carpeted, ceramic or tile, you should find the design personally appealing.
  • Cabinets – In addition to a bench and lots of shelving,a great walk in closet may have cabinets with doors on them. You could use this space to store items like jewelry, belts, shoes and handbags in.
  • Drawers – Similar to cabinets, walk in closet drawers offer you the space to store smaller clothing and fashion items in. This can keep you from losing ties, cuff links and decorative pins. Walk in closet drawers also help to keep your walk in closet from appearing cluttered.
  • Mirrors – A great walk in closet that has floor length mirrors eliminates the need to exit the closet and walk inside your bedroom or bathroom just so you can see how a blouse, pants, dress or suit looks on you. This saves you time. On busy mornings or busy evenings when you are rushing to get to work or an event, the extra time that you save could help you to arrive on schedule.
  • Vertical floor length shelving – This type of shelving is different from regular horizontal shelves. Vertical floor length shelving is designed in bookcase style. Not only can you store clothes and accessories on the shelves, you can decorate your walk in closet by adding figurines and framed photos to these shelves.

If you’ve never had a spacious, multi-purpose walk in closet, you don’t know what you’re missing. A great walk in closet offers you more bedroom space. It can also reduce the amount of clutter in your home. Another benefit of a walk in closet has to do with time. By not having to search through stuffed dresser drawers and storage bins for clothes, you could save several minutes a day. Get a beautifully designed walk in closet and you can also enjoy a unique and appeasing décor.

Windows are like the eyes of your home. They come in different sizes, styles and colors.Install the right windows and you could make your house look bigger. Quality windows could also improve your mood, help you to enjoy deeper sleep and inspire you to be more alert during the day, especially if you work out of a home office.

Beautiful window options that make your house look bigger

A low cost option that gives your rooms a larger look and feel are windows with thin or only a single pane. These types of windows may go from the ceiling to the floor. They also come in short, long designs. If you doubt that these windows can make a room appear larger, visit a business.

Many large companies have only one large pane. Museums are another facility with windows with thin or single glass panes. Notice how large the room feels. These windows can also make your house look bigger.

  • Bay windows (These windows not only make your house look bigger, they also add personality to your house, from the inside and out).
  • Forget dark, heavy drapes (The more well lit your house is, the larger the interior of your house may appear. Great natural light streaming into your house also lifts your mood.)
  • Tall, clear windows (Again, opt for thin or single pane windows. Tall, clear windows work whether they are glass or plexi-glass.)
  • Decorate horizontal edges of window panes with a line of beige, tan, light green or another pastel color
  • Install windows so that you can look out at your yard
  • Put your widescreen television close to a window,just make sure that there is no glare
  • Install windows near cathedral ceilings. Wide windows work well near cathedral ceilings.
  • Place your sofa near a window (The more outdoors you bring into your home, even it's only by putting great outdoor landscapes within each reach of your windows, the larger your house may feel.)
  • Windows in the ceiling (Don't stop with installing regular windows. Install windows in your ceiling too.)
  • Long mirrors (Intersperse long mirrors between windows. It also works to place long mirrors next to glass shower doors.)
  • Exterior wood shutters (can make your house look smaller, especially if the shutter doors don’t open fully)
  • Efficient, insulated windows help lower utility bills

Neutral colors on your house walls work like light colored drapes. They offer a brighter, more vibrant look and feel to a room. Lighter, neutral colors can also make a room appear larger. When you combine colors and window treatment textures with window sizes, shapes and designs, you can enjoy greater benefits of your work. You might even decide that your current house does, in fact, meet all of your space needs. Removing clutter from your house is another easy fix to a larger house. So too is getting and staying organized.

Once you have moved into a new home the first thing you might want to do is paint the walls. After the paint dries, however, you’re left with bare walls. You’ll need to find some great pieces to fill up that wall space. You don’t want to choose just anything to hang on your walls. Here’s some tips to help you find the perfect artwork for your home. 

Find What You Love

You shouldn’t base your art purchases solely on value. If you like something and it inspires you, you should buy it! Anything that you will enjoy looking at in your home each day should be a part of it.  

There’s More Than One Kind Of Art

You don’t need to fill wall space with all pictures or paintings. You can choose from a variety of types of artwork. From sculptures to photographs to canvas art, by using a variety of pieces, you’ll add layers of depth to every room of your home.

Shop Around

There’s so many places to buy art. From local shops and vendors to wider selections in common retail stores, there’s plenty of art to choose from. Find pieces to help you express yourself and keep good vibes flowing throughout your home. 

Find The Right Size

You’ll need to measure the dimensions of your walls and bring a photo of the room you’re trying to decorate with you to the art stores. This will make it easier to help you envision what the art will look like in your home.  

Keyword: Focal Point

The most important thing to determine in decorating any room is to find the focal point. You will either need to find a central piece for the room, or find some pieces to complement what’s already there. The design elements of the room need to be spaced accordingly in order to help you avoid a cluttered room.  

What’s Your Color Scheme? 

You may want to choose your art based on its “wow” factor. Everything has a color within a room, and this will be one element in choosing your artwork as well. You’ll need to think of everything from the wall color to the throw pillows. Art that is within the same shades of the room can work well, but sometimes you need something that gives the room a bit more “pop.” 

What’s In The Picture?

You don’t want to buy a picture of a palm tree if the room has a country theme! Consider the theme and mood of a piece of art in order to have it complement your room.

Most of all, shopping for art should be fun! Find pieces you love. You can even use what you already have. As long as it inspires you and won’t add clutter, you should keep the art in your home.